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Heist Chauffeur Service is a unique chauffeur service. We do not use our own cars to pick people up and drop off. Our drivers show up to the location of pick up and use the clients’ vehicle to drive to the destination and park the car at a desired location. We have been serving the residents of Lehigh valley since 1972.

Round-trip or one-way pick-ups or drop-offs to airports, cruise ports, ​train stations are no longer a logistic nightmare.

Now you can organize day or evening drives in the comfort of your own car to:

Heist Chauffeur Service

Our History

​​​In 1972 David Heist decided to offer a different driving service to the people of the Lehigh Valley. Instead of the clients driving themselves, they handed their keys to David, and he would chauffeur them to their destinations in the comfort of their own cars! The news quickly spread about this convenient and economical door-to-door driving service and David soon had to add other quality drivers to meet the increased demand.

In 1994, David Heist retired and sold the company to Cindy Malacin. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence catapulted the Heist Chauffeur Service to new heights in the new millennium. After 20 years of dedicated service Cindy sold her company to Doug Fay in 2014.

Like David and Cindy before, Doug continues to build the
Heist Chauffeur Service by ensuring our clients always experience first-class customer service and excellent quality drivers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After dropping the client off at an airport, train or cruise terminal, the driver would return the client's car to the client's home or business and park it where the client designates. 

Sometimes the parking spot is on the street or in the driveway but in many cases, it would be inside the client's garage. The driver will lock the car and/or garage and keep the keys and/or garage door opener in a secure place until the day and time of the pickup. At that time, the driver will return with the client's keys, get the client's car and then pick them up and drive them back to their home or office.

By this time, the driver will have the client's cell phone number and the client will have the driver's cell phone number. When the plane lands, the client calls or texts the driver's cell phone to open lines of communication.

Typically, the driver will be waiting nearby because the airport police will not permit them to wait at the pickup point. Once they are through security and have their luggage, the client again texts or calls the driver indicating they are ready for pick-up. The driver immediately leaves where he is parked and within minutes will arrive at the pick-up point.

Absolutely! Many of our clients have been using the same driver over and over again for decades!

We offer any form of payment our client's prefer including cash, checks and all major credit cards. If there is a round trip we do not invoice until both parts are complete and the customer is 100% satisfied.

No. Clients can pay the driver their gratuity in cash at the end of the drive or have us include it as pass through in their invoice.

No. They do carry auto insurance for the motor vehicles they own because only the owner of a motor vehicle can insure a motor vehicle. Consult your auto insurance agent for details.

No. Even in busy New York City, parking is the driver's responsibility. However, if a client specifically requests a driver to park somewhere, then the client would be responsible for those charges. For example, occasionally for airport pick-ups, clients request a driver to park in short term parking and greet travelers inside the terminal.

Several of our drivers have been with us for over ten years and many for over five years. We hand pick only the safest and most courteous drivers for the Heist Chauffeur Service.

No. We would invoice based on 15-minute increments. For example, a trip that went 5 hours and 10 minutes or 5 hours and 20 minutes would be invoiced at the hourly rate times 5.25 or 5.5 hours respectively.

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